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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is a significant record of collective insight, offered by twenty of Australia's prominent picture book authors and illustrators.

The unique collection of their dialogue with Mark Rafidi covers an astonishing range of subjects, without ever losing sight of their love for picture books. The authors and illustrators reflect on the dynamics of the picture book medium, their own works and processes and in doing so, reveal more about the person behind the name.

Jeannie Baker
Gary Crew
Ursula Dubosarsky
Mem Fox
Jackie French
Libby Gleeson
Nigel Gray
Stephen Michael King
David Legge
Alison Lester
Narelle Oliver
Matt Ottley
Tohby Riddle
Gregory Rogers
Shaun Tan
Colin Thompson
Frances Watts
Bruce Whatley
Nadia Wheatley
Margaret Wild

Print ISBN: 978-1-922134-24-0
pp. 253
Colour Paperback